Revealing the Top Four Health and Fitness Myths in the Industry

While there are numerous tips to staying thin and tricks of the trade to keep the weight off, there are just as many myths out there that are just going to confuse you and that simply are not true. The following are some of the biggest health and fitness myths revealed.Myth number one: to lose weight you have to eat less. This is not true at all, in fact when you deprive your body of the calories it needs to get enough energy to fuel your day you end up eating in a binge fashion within days. When you do not eat anything for hours or even worse, for the whole day you instantly tell your metabolism to start slowing down and the weight piles on. By eating smaller portions during the day such as a short meal every two to three hours you actually speed up your metabolism and in turn, you lose weight faster.Myth number two: eating a vegetarian diet will help you lose weight faster than eating meats. Certainly there are thousands of vegans in the world that are incredibly thin, but they are hard core vegans that do not eat dairy products either. To just eliminate meats from diet will only reduce the amount of protein you are in taking and the protein is what your body needs to build muscle and strong bones. If you do not wish to eat meats for awhile, then supplement your protein intake with supplements and shakes from any local health food store.Myth number three: by not eating any fat you will lose the most weight. Not eating a lot of saturated fats is ideal, but your body still needs certain fats that are healthy that it cannot produce on it’s own such as omega-3 fats. You can get these types of good fats in by taking supplements and also in many nuts and fish.Myth number four: weight lifting will make you heavier. Weight lifting may not drop your weight in pounds, at least in the first two weeks. Muscle weighs more than fat, which means when you build those muscles they will weigh more, but you will actually lose more calories and drop inches by weight lifting. When you lift weights you are burning calories and you are burning fat much faster than if you neglect to start a weight lifting program. Adding more muscles to your body means you are burning more fat even while you are sleeping which is a great reward for your hard efforts in the gym.Hopefully proving better detail into these myths with help clear the air for you and get you on a successful plan for healthy eating and fitness that will afford you more years of good health. It is important to know that these are myths so you do not find yourself feeling depressed or negative about losing weight. When you are trying to lose weight it’s all about positive thoughts and keeping things in perspective.

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